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Tsuna approached the school building warily since he felt countless eyes on him. He was paranoid that somebody would be able to tell that he didn't do very well on the entrance exams, and with the mafia's "financial" influence, Tsuna was able to get into a high-class school such as Ouran academy. He clutched his Vongola Gear tightly in his palm, nervous from the trip from small-town Namimori.. "I hope I know somebody here!" he whined, fidgeting with his luggage, it would be a long year indeed.


Welcome Tsuna, you have chosen the best and richest school around. Not only will you be dazzled with our sophistication and beautiful gardens, but here at Ouran, you will create a future that none other can match. Generations of families have attended and worked at our prestigious school and never once were they let down. You, young sir, have chosen the best choice and with our education and resources in the fine arts, you will not be let down.

Everybody, please come welcome and greet our newest member! Another turtleduck has entered the pond, so please play nice and show him the best this group has to offer.