Welcome to AURP! We are a group in an alternate universe town setting for anime or Asian-influenced mediums. Here, we promote a positive community and a sense of relaxation where you can come roleplay and simply enjoy yourself. Fresh ideas are always appreciated, whether they be creative plots or even improvements to the group. We hope you enjoy what you see and would love to receive a message from you! Just read through the existing links and ask us any questions you might have.
Akito dragged his suitcase across the pavement, sighing. It was hot! Summer break had taken it's toll on the small teenager. In one hand, he had his suitcase, the other had a pink watermelon freezie. He approached the gates and walked through. Hopefully the teachers wouldn't mind he was a bit late! The black uniform was so hot! It made the teen rather lethargic. He sucked back the last of the freezie throwing it in the trash before entering the school. "That's better!" he sighed, feeling the AC.


Greetings Akito, you have arrived at the Spica Technological Preparation Academy. There is no doubt in this institution to your ability to learn and perfect many skills here. Our students and faculty have the best machinery at their fingertips and a superior class schedule to all those around. We are unbeatable in our strives to advance the world of today into a better tomorrow and you shall be one such pupil to do so. We expect great things of you, student.

Everybody, please come welcome and greet our newest member! Another turtleduck has entered the pond, so please play nice and show him the best this group has to offer.